Version 5


 These Rules were adopted at General Meeting

   on 21st November 2012, and replace and annul

 the Version 4.

 Previous Versions:

 Version 1 undated

 Version 2 dated 26th January 2004

 Version 3 dated 31st January 2007

 Version 4 dated 23rd  November 2011


A) Introduction.

 1) The Club is a Community Amateur Crown Green Bowling Club at Victoria Rd. Market Drayton.

 2) The Club is affiliated to the British Crown Green Bowling Association (BCGBA), and the Shropshire Crown Green Bowling Association (SCGBA). In all matters relating to Bowling, the Club adopts all rules and regulations as laid down from time to time by the BCGBA and SCGBA.

 3) The objective of the Club is, "to provide facilities for, and to promote participation in, recreational, and competitive, Crown Green Bowling, for persons residing in Market Drayton and the surrounding areas”

B) Membership.

 1) “Membership is open to both male and female. The Club may have different classes of membership and subscription on a non discriminatory and fair basis.  The Club will keep subscriptions at levels that will not pose a significant obstacle to people participating.

 Honorary Playing Members (Honorary Vice Presidents), may be appointed, following the recommendation of the Committee, at a General Meeting.

 2) The maximum number of Playing Members of the Club shall be 100.

 3) Membership of the club shall be open to anyone interested in the sport, on application, regardless of sex, age, disability, ethnicity, nationality, sexual orientation, religion or other beliefs.

C) Admission of New Members.

 1) Persons wishing to join the Club, must apply in writing, using the Membership Application Form. If the application form is countersigned by a two Committee Members, then the applicant may use the Club facilities after 48 hours (as rule C)2)).All applications will then be considered at the next Committee meeting. The applicant will be informed of the outcome of the application, and any reason for refusal must be given in writing. In the event of refusal, the applicant may make an appeal to Members.

 2) No person may be admitted to membership, or be admitted as candidate for membership to any of the privileges of membership, without an interval of at least two days between their application for membership being made, and their admission.

 3) The Club is open to any category of disabled person, providing that the nature of their disablement does not impair the condition of the bowling surface. Wheelchairs used by disabled Members must be of a type suitable for use on fine turf.

D) Subscriptions.

 The Annual Subscriptions will be agreed at the Annual General Meeting (GM), for the ensuing season, and are due and payable by the 1st April. If any Member fails to pay their subscription within 21 days of this date, and within 7 days of receiving a letter from the Secretary calling on them to pay the subscription within 7 days, then that Member shall be deemed to have resigned from the Club, and all their privileges be suspended.

E) Visitors.

 1) Visitors may be admitted to the Club premises, only at the invitation of an Adult Playing Member who must accompany them at all times and will be responsible for their safety and actions for the duration of their visit. Visitors must have their name entered in the Visitors Book.

     Exception: Tradesmen carrying out work on behalf of the Club.

 2} Visiting teams and their supporters may be signed into the Visitors Book "en bloc", by either the home team captain, or any player of the home team.

 3) Visitors who make use of the playing facilities, must pay the Visitor’s Playing Fee.

F) Conduct of Members and Visitors.

 1) Members and visitors must at a11 times comply with the rules of the Club, and not engage in any activity which may damage the Club's reputation or jeopardize the Club's activities. Abusive behavior, threat of or actual violence will not be tolerated, and any incident reported to the Committee will be investigated by the Committee, who will decide on the action to be taken. This applies equally to Members representing, or supporting, the Club at matches at other Clubs.

 2} An up-to-date list of Members must be displayed on the Club’s main Notice Board. Members must inform the Secretary of any change of address, in order that the Membership List can be kept up-to-date.

 3) Any Member or Visitor found to be in breach of Club Rules, or Bylaws, may be liable to a period of suspension from the Club; or, in serious cases, may have their Membership rescinded sin die, without any reimbursement of Membership fees, or in the case of a Visitor, banned sin die from the Club premises.

 4) Any breach of Club Rules by a Member or guest must be reported to a Committee Member, and the matter will be discussed at the next Committee Meeting. The Member concerned will be informed in writing of the nature of the complaint made against him and given 7 days to attend a meeting of the Committee and be allowed to present his case at that meeting but will be asked to leave before the Committee discusses the case. The Member concerned will be informed, in writing, within four days, of the decision of the Committee which must be made by majority vote.

 5) Appeal against removal of Membership may be made to the Members and decided on a majority vote of Members present.

G) Officers of the Club.

 1) The following Officers shall be appointed at an AGM of the Club:

 -          President.

 -          Chairman.

 -          Vice-Chairman.

 -          Secretary.

 -          Treasurer.

 2) The President, Chairman and Vice Chairman shall hold office for a maximum period of three years after being elected. At the end of this period the post will be re-opened for election. The retiring officers may be re-elected for a further three-year term.

There shall be a 12 month differential between the three appointments.

 3) The term of office for all other officers is 12 months.

 4) In the event of one of the officers being unable to continue in office, the Committee will appoint a temporary replacement until the next AGM. The period of office of the replacement officer must satisfy Rule G)2).

H) Duties of the Officers.

 1) The President shall ensure that the affairs of the Club are carried out in accordance with the objective of the Club.

 2) The Chairman of the Club shall:

 -          Ensure that the day-to-day operations of the Club's Officers are carried out in accordance with the Rules of the Club.

 -          Represent the Club in matters external to the Club.

3) The Treasurer shall be responsible for:

 -         Keeping records of Income and Expenditure.

 -         Maintaining a bank current account into which all financial proceeds are deposited.

 -         Maintaining a Deposit account into which funds in excess of short term needs are inserted.

 -         Presenting at each Committee Meeting, a verbal summary of the financial position of the Club.

 -         Presenting an Audited "Annual Summary of Income and Expenditure" to the Club AGM, at which this Annual
    Summary must be approved.

 -         The payment of all liabilities for the Club to its creditors within the period allowed.

 -         The collection of all monies due to the Club by way of:

   :  Membership fees,

   :  Competition entry fees,

   :  Match fees,

   :  Monies raised on behalf of the Club during Club organized activities.

   :  Prize money won by teams in League and League competitions.

 -         Ensuring that the Club is adequately insured against all risks.

 The Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer will be authorized signatories of the Club Bank Accounts. In the event of emergency the club President shall the authority to countersign cheques.

 4) The Secretary shall be responsible for:

 -         Arranging Committee meetings and any General Meeting of the Club.

 -         Maintaining an accurate recording of the minutes of any General Meeting and Committee meeting of the Club, and distributing copies to the Committee members together with an agenda in advance of the meeting.

 -         Ensuring that an up-to-date record of the Club Membership list, together with BCGBA registration numbers is posted on the Club notice board.

 -         Ensuring the correct, and timely, distribution of information, relative to the Club's affairs, to the appropriate officers, and league governing bodies.

 -         Acting as correspondent for the affairs of the Club with outside authorities.

 -         Representing the Club at League and County meetings.

I) Trustees.

 There shall be two Trustees of the Club appointed from time to time as necessary by the Club in GM.  A Trustee will hold office during his life or until he resigns in writing or until a resolution removing him or her from office is passed by the Club in GM.

 All property of the Club shall be held by the Trustees in their own names or in the names of other reputable nominees (individuals or organisations) for the use and benefit of the Club. and they shall act in accordance with the directions of the Committee.

 The Trustees shall have power to sell, mortgage, lease or pledge any Club property for the purpose of raising or borrowing money for the benefit of the Club in compliance with the directions of the Committee, but no purchaser, lessee or mortgagee shall be concerned to enquire whether any such directions have been given.

 On the death, resignation or removal from office of a Trustee the Committee shall procure the appointment of a new Trustee in his place by the Club in GM and shall then ensure that all Club property is properly vested in the names of the current Trustees.

K) Appointment of Auditor.

 At each AGM, a suitable Auditor will be appointed.

 The duty of the Auditor shall be "to examine the Annual Income and Expenditure Account before its presentation to the AGM, and to endorse its accuracy".

L) Committee.

 1) The affairs of the Club, in all matters not in these rules reserved for the Club in General Meeting, shall be Managed by the Committee.

 2) The Committee shall meet at least four times a year. Notification of Meetings shall be made at the previous Committee Meeting. Committee Members not present at the previous Committee meeting will be notified directly by the Secretary.

 3) The Committee shall consist of : all officers, all Team Captains, five Playing Members, all of whom are appointed at the AGM. All Meetings will be chaired by the Club Chairman, or Vice Chairmen, but in their absence, a Chairman shall be appointed at the start of the meeting. A quorum for a Committee Meeting shall be five members.

 4) If, during the course of the year, a Committee Member is unable to perform their duties, the Committee has the power to appoint a replacement if they consider it necessary.

 5) All decisions by the Committee at a Committee Meeting, may only be made by virtue of a majority vote of the Committee Members present at that meeting. Where a vote is tied, the Chairman, or acting Chairman, has the deciding vote.

 6) The Committee shall have the powers to lay down "Bylaws", which may be needed from time-to-time, to ensure the protection of Club facilities, to formalize Club activities relating to the game of bowls, or to ensure compliance with BCGBA and SCGBA rules.

M) General Meetings.

 1) For all voting matters at a GM, a quorum of fifteen members present or 25% of the total membership present, whichever is the lowest, is required. Where a vote is tied, the Chairman, or acting Chairman, shall have a casting vote.

 2) An Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the Club shall take place each year, during the period October 15th to December 15th.

 3) An Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) may be called at any time, either, following a Committee Meeting decision to that effect, or, following written request to the Club Secretary, by at least ten Playing Members, which must outline the reason for their request.

 4) Written notice of any GM must be either, given to Members personally, or, sent to their address, as given on the Membership List. A period of at least two weeks must elapse between the notification of any GM, and the date of that meeting.

 5) These rules may be amended at a GM but not  so as to jeopardise the Club's status as a Community Amateur Sports Club as first provided for by the Finance Act 2002 and not in any event to alter its purposes or winding up provisions.

 Any change to these Club Rules may only be made by a majority vote at a GM, notice of which contained details of the proposed alteration or additions. Notice of any proposal from a Member to introduce new rules, or to change existing rules at an AGM, must be given in writing to the Secretary before the 1st October.

 6) As soon as possible and in any case within 28 days after the making of any alteration or addition to these rules, the Secretary must give written notice of the alteration or addition to the relevant licensing authority.

 7) At an AGM, Members may, on the recommendation of the Committee, confer Honorary Life Membership to a Playing Member; who has either given continuous service in an appointed capacity for 25 years or more; or, who has given exceptional service to the Club.

N) Supply of Alcohol.

 1) The sale and consumption of intoxicating liquor on the Club premises, is restricted to Members and their guests, and signed-in visitors, and is restricted to persons over the age of eighteen years. Only intoxicating liquor bought from the Club may be consumed on the premises.

 2) Hours of opening:

 - The permitted opening hours are:  12:00 to 23:00 - Monday to Saturday.

                                     12:00 to 22:00 - Sunday.

 - The bar shall only be open during the bowling season,(1st March to 31st October)

 - No intoxicating liquor shall be left on the Club premises during the close season(1st November to 31st February)

 3) A member of the Committee shall be present at all times that the bar is open.

 4) All purchases of intoxicating liquor shall be made by a Member authorized by and under the control of the Committee.

O) Financial Affairs.

 1) All income from Club events, including prize money from league team competitions and league performance prizes, shall be paid to the Treasurer. Prize money won by Members in individual competitions may be retained by the Member.

 2) The Club may not borrow money, unless such borrowings, and the related terms, are agreed by a majority of Playing Members present, at a General Meeting of the Club.

 3) The Club will indemnify the Committee and Members acting properly in the course of the running of the Club against any liability incurred in the proper running of the Club (but only to the extent of its assets).

 4) The club may enter into agreements with Members for the supply to the club of goods or services, provided the terms are approved by the Club Committee on an arm's length basis.

 5) All surplus income or profits are to be reinvested in the club. No surpluses or assets will be distributed to Members or third parties, other than donations to charities or to other clubs that are CASC registered.

P) Winding up.

 The Members may vote to wind up the Club providing not less than three quarters of those Members present vote to support that proposal at a properly convened General Meeting.

 The Committee together with the Trustees will then be responsible for the orderly winding up of the Club’s affairs.

 After settling all liabilities of the Club, the Committee together with the Trustees shall dispose of the net assets remaining to one or more of the following:

 - to another Club with similar sports purposes which is a registered charity


 - to another Club with similar sports purposes which is a registered CASC


 - to the British Crown Green Bowling Association for use by them for related community sports.


 - to any Bowling League in which the Club was participating at the time of dissolution

 The distribution proportions will be determined by the standing Committee.

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