We are very lucky to have the minute books detailing the Club's history from inception. Here are some extracts taken from the books.

October 7th 1924. After a number of preliminary discussions, a group of 21 local business men met to discuss and accept an offer from the local Market Drayton Urban District Council.
The council were offering a plot of land in Victoria Road to be used for a sports activity.
A committee was formed under the chairmanship of Mr F J Knight to organise the project.
The secretary, Mr J Fowler, was instructed to send out personal letters to 86 ‘influential gentlemen’ in the outlying district, asking for subscription of towards £200 to construct the green.

October 14th 1924. The committee met and agreed to build a bowling green, a tennis court, and a pavilion on the site.

October 21st 1924. Work had started on the ground with voluntary labour. The committee decided that there was insufficient room for a tennis court, so this was removed from the project.

November 4th 1924. A sub committee was formed to arrange fencing, a pavilion, and notices warning trespassers.

November 25th 1924. Contract price of £76 agreed for laying the green, and for a drainage connection to the main sewer at a cost of £1.

March 31st 1925. Subscriptions set at 15 shillings, with an entrance fee of 5 shillings.

June 30th 1925. Pavilion now completed with donated wood and voluntary work.

July 10th 1925. The green was officially opened.

July 2nd 1926. Ladies admitted as members.

May 1929. Fixtures arranged with Constitutional Club, Corbet Arms, Four Crosses, and Hodnet.

May 1931. New 'Atco' mower purchased for £20-19s-0d.

1932. Matches arranged with Cheswardine, Hodnet Recreation, Hodnet Bear, Constitutional Club, Corbet Arms, and Hales.

1940. Green closed and used as an allottment to support the war effort.

May 2nd 1946. Decision made to put the green back into order and revive the club.

June 2nd 1947. Green reopened after renovations carried out.

March 1953. New 'Royal Enfield' mower purchased at cost of £50.

March 1954. Club applied for affiliation to Shropshire County Area Bowling Association.

Sept 1956. Floodlights installed at a cost of £2-0s-3d.

Feb 1958. Decision made to replace pavilion and tool shed and install a toilet at a cost of £125. The money to be raised from members by interest free loans. New pavilion opened on 15th May 1958.

AGM 17th April 1962. A proposal to extend the pavilion was discussed. The committee to explore the position.

Sept 1962. Committe give authority to go ahead with plans and estimatesfor the extension to the pavilion.

AGM 28th March 1963.  A letter had been received from Mr Parton, objecting to the proposed extension, and complaining that the existing pavillion encroached on his land. Clarification of the legal aspect of the objection would have to be clarified before proceeding further.

General Meeting 22nd Mar 1963. The letter from Parton's Solicitors had been passed to the the Council who owned the bowling green, and their advice was to proceed with the extension. A recorded delivery letter had been sent to Mr Parton advising him of the decision. Further to this the Secretary had been invited to a meeting with Parton's solicitor, who had offered a compromise from Mr Parton. The compromise requested  an apology, written request to allow the extension, acknowledgement of the boundary, and an annual rent for the disputed land. The Town Clerk and Surveyor had reported back that they had to agree that the land in question belonged to Mr Parton. It was decided that the Club would not accept Mr Parton's demands and a sub committee was formed to consider the possibility of moving the existing pavilion off the disputed land.

GM 13th Aug 1963. The sub-committee reported that displacement of the existing pavilion was feasable at an estimated cost of £40.00. It was agreed to go ahead with this, and to add the extension at a total cost of £158.00. The President Mr W Rogers announced thaty he was willing to donate half the cost of the extension.

GM 19th Sept. 1963, Reported that the pavilion had been moved, and the extension erected. A letter had been received from Parton's solicitor insisting that the old foundations for the pavilion be removed within 7 days or a County Court action for trespass would be taken against the Club. The letter had been taken to the Council for their action

GM 3rd Oct. 1963. The Secretary reported that the Council Clerk had informed him that a letter had been sent to Parton's solicitor asking for proof of ownership of the disputed land.

Jan 1964. Decision made to seek admission to the Whitchurch and District Bowling Association.

20th April 1964. Mr W Rogers opened the new pavilion.



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